10 Trending No-Code App Builders in 2024 Secret Myths: Why Bubble Top of Them

In the ever-evolving technology landscape, the demand for custom software solutions is constantly increasing. Traditionally, developing applications required a thorough understanding of coding languages, which often limited the process to skilled developers.

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Enterprises today face talent shortages, limited budgets, mounting technical debt, and an unwavering need for speed. Knowing when custom software development is required versus when low-code/no-code app builders can provide a faster, less expensive solution can make all the difference.

Gartner predicts that by 2025, more than 70% of enterprise apps will be built with low-code/no-code technologies. It's no surprise that businesses all over the world are betting big on no-code apps, which enable non-technical users to become App Development Companies and build complex apps.

No-code apps provide drag-and-drop visual builders with pre-built templates that decrease time to market and accelerate development. Users can create apps, launch websites, and automate workflows without coding. In this article, we will discuss the 10 Trending No-Code App Builders in 2024.

10 Trending No-Code App Builders in 2024:

1. Bubble.io


Bubble.io is a no-code web app builder with over 2 million users worldwide. Bubble allows you to create simple websites as well as fully functional complex digital products such as SaaS tools, e-commerce marketplaces, CRM systems, and full ERP tools with simple drag-and-drop visual editors.

Its intuitive drag-and-drop interface and powerful built-in features will allow you to unleash your vision. Avoid the complexities and embrace the no-code revolution!

Bubble.io, like a few other no-code app builders, provides flexibility with user flow for design logic and storage for data.

2. Creatio


Studio Creatio is the best no-code platform, providing a comprehensive and adaptable solution for businesses looking for efficient and tailored application development software.

Due to its exceptional customization and configuration capabilities and innovative composable architecture, it is highly adaptable to a wide range of industries, workflows, and use cases.

3. Lio


Lio is a unique no-code platform for creating AI-powered apps and automation. It offers a simple interface for developing apps with AI capabilities such as natural language processing, computer vision, and predictive analytics. Lio is ideal for businesses that want to create intelligent applications without coding.

4. Webflow


Webflow allows designers to create responsive websites and web applications visually without having to write code. Its extensive design capabilities and e-commerce features make it an attractive alternative to Bubble.

5. ServiceNow


ServiceNow is a low-code/no-code development platform that allows both professional and citizen App Development Companies to create apps quickly using templates.

The ServiceNow App Engine enables users to create new workflow applications with a few clicks. The rich set of tools and APIs available also allows users to connect external systems or third-party apps.

6. Mailchimp


Mailchimp, well-known for its email marketing efficiency, now offers a no-code platform that allows users to create landing pages, websites, and other digital assets. Mailchimp's offering simplifies the process of designing and launching marketing campaigns, requiring no coding knowledge.

Mailchimp integrates seamlessly with its email marketing tools to provide a unified marketing solution. The user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop design make it accessible to users with a variety of technical backgrounds. Mailchimp allows businesses to efficiently segment their customer databases, launch social media campaigns, and use analytics to track campaign performance.

The platform also has over 300 integrations with third-party apps such as Shopify and Squarespace Commerce, making it an excellent option for small businesses looking to automate their marketing efforts.

Mailchimp is primarily focused on marketing applications, limiting its ability to develop more diverse apps. Users looking for complex application features may find the platform to be constraining and insufficiently versatile.

7. OutSystems


OutSystems is an enterprise-grade, no-code, and low-code development platform that helps businesses create complex applications. It offers a feature-rich application creation environment with modular components, making it the preferred choice for larger enterprises looking for fast and efficient app development.

OutSystems' platform includes a large library of pre-built templates and components, which speeds up the development process.

Professional developers can also use custom code to expand the visual development environment.

8. Adalo


Adalo is a no-code platform for developing iOS and Android mobile applications. It uses an intuitive drag-and-drop interface to create app layouts, connect data sources, and preview apps in real-time. Adalo is ideal for building simple, data-driven mobile apps without coding.

9. Glide


Glide allows users to create powerful applications without coding or technical knowledge. The platform excels at converting the logic of large databases into powerful applications. It seamlessly integrates with a variety of data sources, including Microsoft Excel, Google Spreadsheets, CSV files, and Airtable.

The platform includes a drag-and-drop feature for app creation and design. Glide allows users to create workflows, apps, mobile stores, team directories, and more.

10. Zapier


Zapier is a well-known automation platform that specializes in connecting multiple apps and automating workflows. Users can seamlessly integrate over 6000 applications, create powerful workflow automation, and apply conditional filters to improve overall efficiency.

Zapier supports a large number of third-party apps and integrations, giving you more flexibility when creating workflows. Its simple and intuitive interface makes automation accessible to users with a variety of technical skills, and real-time automation capabilities help to boost productivity. The platform expands its workflow automation capabilities with AI functionality.

Why Bubble Top of Them?


Bubble's success is due to its no-code environment and rapid prototyping capabilities. Bubble provides an accessible entry point into app development, allowing App Development Companies and small businesses to iterate quickly and test ideas without the need for extensive coding knowledge.

No-Code Development: Bubble allows users to create web applications without writing code, making it accessible to those without coding experience. The drag-and-drop interface enables users to design and customize their applications visually, simplifying the development process.

Rapid Prototyping: Bubble allows users to prototype and iterate on their ideas quickly, reducing development time.

Integrated Hosting: Bubble offers integrated hosting for applications, removing the need for users to manage server infrastructure independently.

Bubble has a built-in database that allows users to store and manage data within their applications seamlessly.

Community Support: Bubble has a vibrant community of users and developers who help each other out, share resources, and offer advice.

Scalability: Bubble applications are inherently scalable, so they can handle increased user traffic and data as the application grows.


Creating an app without coding enables enterprises to involve business users in app development and deploy applications in weeks rather than months. From intuitive drag-and-drop builders to great custom UI and seamless integrations, no-code app builders provide some great possibilities for domain experts to build their apps without needing help from IT.

SoftCircles is the only enterprise-grade no-code development platform designed for multiple use cases and personas. SoftCircles allows you to manage your handle support tickets, streamline procurement management, HR functions, and more. SoftCircles, which is based on collaborative development, enables domain experts in your organization to build apps in their unique way while giving IT administrator’s complete control over the development process.


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