Java or PHP Which Programming Language should we Opt for Dynamic Web Development

With over 700 programming languages available, which comes to mind when working on a web development project? Are JavaScript, Java, Python, PHP, or C++ some of the most popular programming languages?

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Do you think Web Development UK and app development are complicated? Certainly not! But there's always a debate over which programming language is better, such as Java or PHP.

Today's article will dive deep into the similarities and differences between PHP and Java. PHP has the largest market share in the United States, with approximately 457,500 websites using it. In contrast, Java is the second most popular programming language, accounting for 15.73% of the market.

PHP and Java are popular web application development tools, but some key differences exist. But first, we need to understand what PHP and Java are.

What is Java?


Java is an object-oriented, class-based programming language with low implementation requirements. Sun Microsystems introduced the Java Virtual Machine (or JVM) in 1995.

Java is a computer platform and programming language created by James Goslin and released by Sun Microsystems in 1995. Since then, Java web development has become essential in the programming community. As a result, it now powers a significant portion of today's digital world. This is because Java web development provides a robust Java ecosystem for developers to build various services and applications.

Large companies like Uber, eBay, Google, and Microsoft use Java because of its impressive features, such as automatic memory management and stability, which we will explore further next.

Here are a few quick facts about Java:

  • The technology could be known as Oak, but that name was changed right before the release due to a copyright conflict.
  • Java is downloaded more than a billion times annually.
  • Most businesses rely on Java for all their software development needs, including web application development.
  • Java runs on over one billion devices daily because Android extensively uses Java components and calls.

Benefits of Java for Web Development:

  • A programming language used across various domains.
  • A preferred choice for developing enterprise-level software solutions.
  • Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is well-known for its portability.
  • Widely used in mobile app development, including Android applications.
  • It is well-known for its high-level, object-oriented programming approach.
  • Ideal for developing robust desktop applications.

When to Use Java?

Consider using Java for your projects if:

  • You are a large organization.
  • Priorities include reliability, security, and the ability to handle high traffic.
  • You focus on server-side development.
  • Developing video games, IoT projects, big data projects, and more.

What Is PHP?


PHP (Personal Home Page, or Hypertext Preprocessor) is "a widely used open-source general-purpose scripting language specifically designed for web development and can be embedded into HTML."

In other words, PHP is a server-side programming language commonly used for DevOps and Web Development UK. Because PHP interacts smoothly with HTML, web pages are more dynamic and engaging.

One of PHP's most significant contributions was the creation of a CMS (Content Management System). Popular CMS systems like Drupa, Joomla, and WordPress all use PHP. Other famous PHP companies include Slack, 9GAG, Facebook, iStock, Yahoo, and Wikipedia.

Here are a few quick facts about PHP:

  • PHP mascot is a blue elephant.
  • The most popular PHP frameworks are CodeIgniter, Symfony, and Laravel.
  • The most recent version of PHP is 8.2, but many developers still prefer to stay with PHP 7 for stability and compatibility reasons.
  • PHP is free and open-source.

Benefits of PHP for Web Development:

  • Designed for web development.
  • The defining characteristics are simplicity and ease of use.
  • Suitable for both new and experienced developers.
  • Frequently used to generate dynamic web content.
  • Improved web functionality through seamless integration with HTML code.

When to Use PHP:

A developer should consider using PHP as a backend language when they are working on:

  • Scripting on the server side. This is PHP's strongest point.
  • Command-line scripting PHP is ideal for scripts created with Task Scheduler (Windows) or Cron (Linux) Desktop applications.
  • PHP is one of the options for developing desktop applications, but experienced developers will likely prefer another language.

PHP vs Java Similarities:


Let's examine the similarities between PHP and Java performance, covering various important factors in your decision-making process.

Open-source, free

Java and PHP are both open-source and free. As a result, developers prefer both languages.


PHP and Java can be easily integrated with other technology stacks, including HTML, JavaScript, XML, and CSS.


Both Java and PHP are commonly used in Web Development UK projects. PHP is a popular server-side scripting language, while Java is widely used to develop web applications and enterprise-level solutions.


Java and PHP both support object-oriented programming paradigms. Polymorphism, inheritance, and encapsulation are all included.

Code reusability

Both Java and PHP support reusability. This feature in both languages saves effort and time for product owners.

Community support

Both PHP and Java have large and active developer communities that actively contribute to creating frameworks, libraries, and resources that improve the capabilities and usability of both languages.

PHP vs. Java: Which one is best?


Choosing a backend web development language causes confusion and staggers for web developers. According to Markets and Markets, the global web development market will increase from 6.9 billion USD in 2021 to 14.3 billion USD by 2026. As a result, programmers must decide which programming language to use based on various factors. Java and PHP frequently need clarification because they support many features and strengths. Both languages are comparable to soccer's Messi and Ronaldo. Most developers choose programming languages based on the following factors:

  • Meets all requirements, especially at the enterprise level.
  • Easy to learn or comprehend.
  • Market or industry-demand
  • A complete set of frameworks and libraries and IDE support
  • Stability and modern
  • Community strength, integration power, and updates

3Let us now consider the various situations in which programmers can choose the best option:

Java is a programming language PHP is a scripting language. PHP is a scripting language.
Strongly typed Weekly typed
OOP is the default choice for developers OOP is an option for developer
High security out of the box Average security by default
Java offers a variety of API’s for various purpose PHP offers considerably fewer APIs
The stability forms after a project gets rolled out The stability resides at every stage of the project.
Well-known companies that use Java are Uber, Airbnb, Infosys, LinkedIn, Amazon, etc. Well-known PHP companies are Tumblr, Wikipedia, Facebook, Yahoo, Slack, etc.


It's important to remember that, despite the Java vs. PHP debate, both have benefits and have been used successfully by many successful businesses. When deciding between Java and PHP, consider your project's specific requirements and your team's capabilities.

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