Kotlin – Google’s language of choice for Android App Development

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Kotlin – Google’s language of choice for Android App

Kotlin was developed in the year 2011 for the first time by the developers of a software development called JetBrains in Russia. Later it got augmented by different other software developers and companies. It is a typed programming language that runs on JVM. It’s a multipurpose open-source computer programming language that offers both acquisitive and functional programming features. In 2019, according to Google, Kotlin is the most used app development programming language in the world.

Google’s language-of-choice for Android development

When Google announced Kotlin to be the official programming language for developing Android mobile applications, many developers started making a move to Kotlin. Just like what Swift did to Objective C, Kotlin is on its way to transition Java out and soon it will be recognized as the famous-most Android app development language. Considering that Java is the father of all programming languages and all the innovations and inventions that have made till now mostly come from within Java, this is huge in itself. The developer community saw a massive increase in big names reimagining their development approaches and methods to better adapt with Kotlin app development in 2020. This is happening!

The massive pivot to Kotlin

With Google’s banner flying high behind Kotlin, tech-savvy entreprenuers are now actively looking for Kotlin-based app development companies to build highly robust, scalable Android apps. Seeing the demand, Android App development companies around the globe have started improving their knowledgebase on the language and have started to land projects. Companies like SoftCircles who are developing apps on Kotlin since the last 5 years, definitely have the competitive advantage over their competition in terms of knowledge, scale and speed and accuracy of delivery.

Perks of making the switch to Kotlin:

  1. Kotlin is Transience: The core reason why mobile app developers prefer Kotlin over Java is Kotlin offers much conciseness as compare to Java which is repetitive. The code written in Kotlin is very clear and does not contain any bugs or errors. It also provides a much faster rate of app development.
  2. It’s Open-end Language: What makes Kotlin so adaptive and compatible is, it is an open-source programming language which means anyone can use it. In 2012, JetBrains (the developers of Kotlin) announced that it will be an open-end platform. The biggest advantage of open-end sources is they have a large community that helps each other when needed, so is the case with Kotlin. Developers can also seek assistance from Kotlin’s Slack team right away.
  3. Kotlin is a Mature Language: It’s not like Kotlin was developed and launched overnight. It was developed in 2011 and finally got launched in 2016, during all this time it went through different A/B testing to ensure it works fine and according to expectations of the developers. Kotlin has great IDE support which gives it a competitive advantage over other Java frameworks. Kotlin is in the market for almost 5 years now and has earned a lot of reputation among the developers’ community which makes it a reliable and mature app developing language.
  4. Compatibility with Java: For a great programming scope, Java and Kotlin can be inter-connected. Kotlin is compatible with all tools and libraries of Java and offers easy migration to and from Java. Using the two languages together can surely expand the scope of any development project.
  5. Safer, Reliable, and Trusted: Kotlin offers much approved and clear code as compared to Java ultimately leads to developing much safer, reliable, and secured Android mobile applications. Kotlin’s detectors are very smart that catch errors or bugs during the compile-time and not the running time which helps in making the final app blazing-fast and free from errors.
  6. App Developing is More Practical in Kotlin: In contrast to other languages, Kotlin is an easy but effective language. Although Java has some stiff concerns, Scala is a dense, slow-building time programming language. There is a small library needed to type Android apps with Kotlin, and the process count is not much either.

Pivot to Kotlin from Java for established businesses

Making a change is hard, we get it, and if you don’t want to take the plunge, don’t! However, like we said earlier, Kotlin is on it’s way to phasing Java out in terms of popularity

Companies that have their apps up and running on Java will see a gradual decline in support as more developer make the inevitable move. With Java’s advantages becoming hindering features in development.

Here are a few reasons why companies are moving to Kotlin mobile app development:

  • It offers great Google support
  • Much stable than Java and other languages
  • Learning is easy
  • Easy migration process
  • Low-cost development and maintenance

SoftCircles as Kotlin Application Development Company:

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SoftCircles is a US-based Kotlin application development company that is offering blazing-fast Android mobile apps using Kotlin. At SoftCircles, we thoroughly research and investigate a technology before adopting it, and our researchers have found it of great utility for every size of business. To get your Android app developed using Kotlin, contact us and we will make you a product that is reliable and super-fast.


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Let us get talking and see where that leads us!

Tell us what is keeping you up at night and let us see how we can help you chase those monsters away.

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