Top 5 E-Commerce mobile apps of 2021!

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Top 5 E-Commerce mobile apps of 2021!

The current digital spectrum is increasingly becoming app-dominated. Estimates suggest that almost 90% of the mobile user’s time is spent on using mobile applications. Since mobile applications are not a new phenomenon, and it has stood the trial of time, Industry Captains are certain that this trend is going to permeate into the corporate world as well. As such, they are gearing their business operations to welcome this change in 2021, coming out of Covid’s worst end.

A holistic view of what’s to come.

The mobile industry has gained a lot of ground since 2015; it stands proudly amongst the top-grossing IT fields in the world. In 2020, $581.9 billion revenue accrued from Mobile app purchases from app stores, and in-app ads. The number is lucrative enough to make anyone want to share a piece in the pie.

A Digital Commerce 360’s survey revealed that 51% of business owners cited investing in mobile app development in their top 3 foremost priorities in 2021. The worldwide pandemic that affected almost every industry is now causing an almost instant shift towards mobile apps as the only go-to plan for business owners to maintain their sales rhythm.

Many businesses reported a tremendous revenue loss due to the pandemic, and nthose who survived had established digital channels in place. Therefore, this upward trend in adoption of mobile apps for business may have started because of the pandemic, but it’s staying because it makes sense to have tech do the work for you.

E-commerce industry is evolving

While the global economy downsized in the past year, one industry i.e., the ecommerce industry constantly kept marching upwards. At one point, it looked like the e-commerce industry will push the retail sector towards a possible extinction the way e-commerce giants such as Amazon and Alibaba had the masses tuned towards them. Thankfully, the retail sector endured and not by the virtue of perseverance alone; they had to evolve too.

In China alone, business to consumer e-commerce market is poised to generate revenues above $385 billion between 2020 to 2024, a Technavio report suggested.

There are some great trends in e-commerce mobile app development hitting the global surface. Here is a list of five of such mobile app ideas for e-commerce businesses in 2021.

Five Mobile Apps gaining popularity rapidly in the E- commerce Industry

  1. AR-Assisted Shopping App
    AR (Augmented Reality) will probably see a resurgence in years to come as more and more adoption is seen by market-leading brands for their product placement. Retail Businesses are continuously finding ways to leverage cutting-edge technology. A few years back, we saw early adopters (mostly Captains of the Industry) making great use of IoT to measure footfall count, BI and Big Data to measure insights, trends and to reposition, and Predictive Analytics and Sentiment Analysis to map the user preferences. Currently, AR technology has found a great role in the supply and demand chain industry.

    Although the concept of AR is still fresh, the potential it has in becoming the next big thing in the app development industry is unquestionable. So, I was thinking of an e-commerce mobile application that uses AR to leverage people’s shopping experiences. Although e-commerce has outplayed the retail business model at many levels, the uncertain buying behaviors of consumers are still hanging in there which is a constant threat to the industry’s credibility.

    Leveraging AR technology in e-commerce will help end-consumers to shape their behaviors in a more effective and informed way since AR uses cuttingedge technology to lay information such as videos, images, text over the real world.
  2. A Shopping Mall Delivery App
    The competitive advantage e-commerce platforms have over brick-and-mortar businesses is that consumers can find a plethora of products under one roof which is not in the case of physical shops and shopping malls.

    As the world has started to get back to normal and soon all human-to-human activities will resume, an app that provides a blend of both e-commerce and retail functionalities. The idea is to develop a mobile app that helps consumers to put forward their desired list of products to nearby shopping malls and outlets and have their products available from there. This will have the following two benefits:
    • It will cut down the delivery time (in case of international delivery) by half.
    • It will bring in retail owners to the e-commerce net.
  3. A Mobile App that Uses Voice Assistance for Input
    It would not be wrong to claim that the ongoing trend in the mobile industry never fails to excite. One of such viral trends is the increased use of voice assistance functionality in mobile applications.

    The success of AI tools such as Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Microsoft’s Cortana is here in front of us. These tools have redefined the interaction between humans and bots. A lot of development focus will remain on establishing similar tools to further enhance business-to-consumer interaction.

    Since Amazon is actively using Alexa that sets the road for other e-commerce businesses to consider establishing mobile applications that entirely use voice assistant tools as an input method. This will free consumers to rely on their mobile screen pads, moreover, they’ll have a reliable alternative.
  4. On the Go Food Delivery App
    Food delivery via various service providers has remained a top business activity during the pandemic. The likes of UberEATS and Food Panda are some renowned delivery providers. Over the past 5 years, these two have steadily made a transition towards automating the delivery process and their efforts have brought fruits in the pandemic as well where contact-less delivery was required.

    The idea in this section is a further step forward of the same concept that allows travelers to locate and order food while they’re traveling. Travelers normally rely on picking up food before onboarding and there aren’t great options available when they are on wheels. This app will let travelers connect with delivery persons based on real-time and location data.
  5. On-Demand E-commerce Mobile App
    Many e-commerce mobile applications already exist that imply a similar idea; consumers look for specific products and choose from what sellers are offering.

    The idea of an on-demand e-commerce mobile app lets customers post images or videos of desired products. Vendors will then pick customers’ orders and will come up with similar ready-made and tailor-made goods.

The future is happening right now.

Mobile apps are the future of both large and small businesses from here on. Some of the above mobile application ideas are yet untapped and having a go at them can simplify tedious tasks and can ease customers’ lives. Snapping the deal before time is something that sets up businesses for success in this age of high competition.

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