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4 weeks sprints
Daily standups
Weekly status updates


iOS developer
Android developer
Product Owner


Objective C


We helped a Real-estate mogul in Singapore bring their traditional brick and mortar business online by building iOS and Android applications to list their properties online and increase the order reach to virtually each household in the target market. To increase adoption, the client wanted to introduce visual search option in the application as well.


Geolocation and tagging
Visual search
In-app Call feature
Favorites menu
Location-based search
Backend portal for property management
BI reporting (backend – database level)

Launch & Maintenance

Created marketing materials
SEO for AppStore
Analytics and link attributions
Conducted advertising campaign on the AppStore


Native iOS
Native Android
Multi-device manual testing

Features showcase


Zero to hero run

We helped the client launch their traditional brick and mortar business online. To increase adoption, we introduced location-based and visual search options in the application. The client reported a 5x increase in the number of bookings from target audience they didn’t know existed in the first two months consistently.


Data capture

We helped the client unlock the true potential of a mobile solution by introducing a database level BI reporting module as an integrated part of the solution. This helped the client identify their target audience based on the incoming appointments, divided by demographics and helped them answer the question that was becoming the bane of their existence – to position what to whom?


Streamlined Appointments

Compared to a previous paper-based system, the automated appointment system, coupled with notifications brought in a breath of fresh air for the wilting business. The client team was able to focus on their order fulfillment rather than order management and were able to see a substantial revenue increase in closing quarter.

Key Take Away


Designed and developed Mobile app for bringing HBD, Condo, Landed or Commercial property in Singapore on a single platform.


Enabled capability to search through multiple variables such as MRT, Schools, Districts, Floor Area, Tenure, No. of Bathrooms, Furnishing, Completion Date, No. of Levels, Project Rental Yields, Rental Volume, Sales Volume, Nearby Amenities, Open-Keyword Searches & More.


Visual search was made possible through maps. BI reporting on database level allowed the repositioning of the marketing efforts to target the audience that were most responsive to offers in the bucket, bifurcated by demographics and locale.


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