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We live in the digital world, and your Website is the first impression a user gets about your business when they arrive on your Website. Soft Circles provides Website design services to help your business grow and generate more leads.

The Ideal website design for your business

Are you looking to start taking your small to medium-sized business to the next level by creating a visually appealing and engaging website? Soft circles can assist with web design. We are a website design company that works with businesses all over the country to improve their marketing, increase their visibility, and expand their customer base.

Our web design team of experienced UX/UI developers and designers can create a unique website for your company. Excellent website design begins with careful planning and a strong focus on user experience.

With the assistance of our outstanding team, you will gain the web design tools you require to take control of your steer and website in the direction you desire. Our team will be available to you whether you want us to set you up to run your web the way you want it or if you want to handle all of the details and logistics yourself. We will work together to help you realize your business dreams and goals.

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We place high importance on our discovery process. It assists us in determining the 'ideal scenario' for the client. In this phase, we take note of any web design services that the client specifically requests, and we make an effort to visualize the project from a design and technological standpoint. Drawing it before painting it on canvas allows us to work out the kinks and allows our design team to conduct a competitive analysis. We can also calculate the costs and timelines for the process and communicate them to you.


1 week


Design Document, Feature set for the website

Resources Involved

Web Project Lead, UI and UX team members, Estimated timeline and Budgets


Custom Design

Our website designers will create a website that represents your company. Your colors, your fonts: everything is consistent with YOUR brand.


3 – 5 weeks


Working website

Resources Involved

Web Project Lead, Front-end and back-end developers, DevOps team

Our Experience

Soft Circles is an award-winning web design company driven by technology and creative people that delivers innovative web design to increase your site conversion rate, brand, and revenue. We create a friendly experience for your customers by designing your website with wireframes that reflect user personas. Your web will provide a seamless, smooth journey with easy navigation and relevant content for your target audience.

As Web Design experts, we understand how to implement strategies to help you improve your website's ranking and performance online.

We select the best technology platform for your and your customers' needs. We assist you in putting together all of your digital assets in conjunction with an effective digital marketing strategy.

The goal of website design is to increase brand awareness and lead generation. Get leads in real-time to help your business grow.

We create responsive websites design that looks great on tablets, desktops, and smartphones.

We are data nerds here at Soft circles, and we understand that you may not be. We explain what we are doing and use website data to inform our decisions to demonstrate to you that our strategy works.

Tech stack

We spend a lot of time trying to figure out what you want, with you dictating the pace for over 1 week in most cases. When it comes to development, since we have a lot of experience, we choose the technology stack that will work the best for your budget, your timelines and the functionality you envision your web solution to have. Whether it’s a custom-built solution that uses React or Node, or a customized WordPress solution, we’ve got you!

Front End
React JS React Js
Angular Angular
Vue.Js Vue.Js
xcode Next.Js
xcode Php
xcode Laravel
node Node Js
java .Net Core
java Php
java Ruby on Reils
Go Go
espresso Firebase
rails My Sql
node Mongo DB
firebase PostgreSQL
aws AWS
google Google Cloud
travis Azure
jenkins Digital Ocean
jenkins OnPrem
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