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Risk is unavoidable, but it can be mitigated!

Who is to blame when a custom software development project fails, and neither party planned for de-risking the project before it began?

The answer is ‘everyone’. De-risking the project means clearly defining the parameters of the project, with granular detail, before the project begins, to be able to execute it from a position of control.

This is how we approach all our projects because we lose if you don’t win.



Every organization has their own unique way of approaching opportunities and addressing challenges. We love to sit down with our clients and assimilate their though process, map it, and then try to replicate it in our custom software solutions.


When the stakes are high, we avoid getting surprised. When we know what you want, we draw it on the paper and present it to you. This helps you see your solution even before we write a single line of code, and this is the best time to recommend changes to us. This visual aid also helps our resources to know exactly what to code when the project goes into development phase.


Custom projects are not cheap, but we do try our best to optimize the costs for you by offering an optimal mix of resources, technologies, features, engagement models, and work-arounds. You will be able to see the difference clearly before and after optimization.


Since now we know what you want and what we have to do to get you there, we start marrying business requirements off to SDLC best practices, left, right, and center. The speed buff our teams received at the Design stage is clearly visible here and it is a remarkable sight.

Test & Optimize

QA teams help Developers resolve bugs and advise them on how to optimize both the front-end and back-end for both mobile and web solutions. This also includes web apps such as portals. We have identified between 1200 – 2500 predefined testing touchpoints.


DevOps team work with the Project Manager and your Director of Product on deployment options that are a good mix of high performance, robustness, secureness and scalability.

Software Design and Development Process

Let us get talking and see where that leads us!

Tell us what is keeping you up at night and let us see how we can help you chase those monsters away.

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