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We develop established and startups brands

We provide web design, branding, e-Commerce development, branding, and digital marketing Services. We address brand issues through innovative solutions and help increase expansion online. We create distinctive brands that are designed specifically for your company. We've made everything from stunning logos, custom letterheads to unique websites (and everything between). The website designing process consists on:



Being sympathetic to your requirements supports seeing the idea from your vantage point to provide a website that seamlessly turns your vision.


This step lets you see the website before we transcribe even code. It aids you to picture the product and recommend us on fluctuations required.


Numerous moving parts come together to construct websites that function impeccably on desktop and mobile. Created on your necessities and design, we will select the technologies that deliver the non-stop route to provision at an affordable financial investment.

Test & Optimize

QA teams help Developers solve bugs and instruct them on how to optimize page speed for both web and mobile.


DevOps squad advises the Project Manager on deployment choices that are a good mixture between cost-effectiveness and high performance.

Software Design and Development Process

FAQs about web-development-company-in-Dallas-Texas


In 2018, there's no reason - and no valid reason to not make any site upgrade to HTTPS by purchasing the SSL certificate. In August 2018the largest and most well-known web browser, Google Chrome, will issue a red alert to visitors that your website isn't secure enough. Firefox already has this feature in its browser, along with Microsoft's Edge and Apple's Safari will surely follow. Make sure to get your SSL certificate and ensure that it is up-to-date. This will prevent your website from being altered by a hacker and prevent your customers' data from being monitored or stolen. There are numerous other reasons why HTTPS is crucial for your website and business.

The process starts by contacting us with your needs. We review your needs and then respond to your requests. Based on the subsequent discussion, you will be able to select the engagement model that is most suitable for you. Then, we start the process of developing.

The clients typically set the duration of any assignment on the web. If you have a deadline in mind, we'll attempt to meet the required time frame for you. The most common delay in creating websites waits for content on the page to be provided via the customer.

We need 50% of the contract's cost when beginning the project. If you're satisfied with the design and code of the entire site, we'll show you the website via our server. After you've approved the plan, you'll have to pay the remaining 50% of the cost to allow us to transfer your entire website onto your servers.

Yes, you'll have the services of your dedicated developer, who will be working for all of 180 hours per month to complete your project. We can help you with our ready-to-use IT infrastructure and dedicated lease lines that will guarantee no interruption to work.

To get a clearer idea about the cost of the site you're planning to construct, contact us for a quick phone call. We'll ask a few questions regarding the design of your site, the kind of interaction the site will offer, the requirements for graphic design, and so on. We'll then be able to give you a rough estimate. If you're interested, we'll visit your workplace and give you an estimate.

You can choose the developers you like. The company offers those selected resumes and forwards them to the client. The client then chooses a few of them to be part of the project.

You can employ any number of developers you'd like. The number of developers you choose to hire is contingent upon the difficulty level and the requirements for your particular project. However, if you're working on projects with an extremely high degree of complexity and complexity, you could engage a whole design and development team according to your needs.

Based on the scale and complexity and, perhaps crucially, the customer's active participation during the process, a site can take anywhere from six to 24 weeks to construct and then launch. A few of the most complex projects have surpassed the year-end deadline.

We have a team of web designers and the processes for managing projects that are in place to create and provide the most user-friendly web pages that are user-friendly and speed-optimized accessible.

The process is highly collaborative, which means that the build time will vary depending on how fast clients can answer questions or approve parts of the site used to inform the other components. We adjust and re-adjust our processes to ensure the highest quality UX and accurately represent our customers' goals. Some delays happen as we consider feedback and ensure that the site is just right.

We're always there to help! We can handle both emergencies and non-emergencies. Make sure you give us as much detail as you can about the issue, including the web browser you used when you first noticed the problem the operating system of your computer and when you were in the office, what you were doing and what device you were using at the time you first noticed the issue and more.

Furthermore, we offer an agreement for maintenance to keep many of the common crashes on websites from happening initially. This way, issues are reduced, and you'll be able to be assured that if problems do arise, there's a plan in place to deal with them! (Learn more about this below.)

Yes! If we created your website, we'd be delighted to manage maintenance. We'll be the one who is most aware of how your website functions, and we'll stay on top of patches and upgrades to ensure that your site is up to date.

A maintenance plan could comprise CMS updates managing hosting, content security monitoring updates, and other editorial and technical services. Contact us today to find out more about Web Development for your business.

If you need web development services with years of experience and are designed according to your company's specifications and goals for ROI, you should consider hiring SoftCircles. Please look at our website development solutions to find out how we can assist you with your development needs, or get in touch with us today.

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