Four Industries where IOT & mobile apps are sure to make a difference in the coming days

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Four Industries where IOT & mobile apps are sure to make a
                  difference in the coming days

Twenty years ago, Bill Gates’ statement that no one banked on in a pre-Covid19 world, has become the single version of truth today for both big and small businesses. The Covid-19 pandemic has provided a vital breakthrough to many industries and made them think out of their comfort zones. Industries that used to rely on pre-defined models and obsolete methodologies are now forced to modernize their processes to avoid the much-on-cards extinction.

Adoption of Mobile tech worldwide

Today, almost 62% of global businesses either have mobile applications developed or are in the process of getting one. Additionally, the ever-increasing internet user-base and online devices is another reason why mobile applications and technologies like IoT have seen wide adoption. As of 2021, there are 5 billion mobile phones connected to the internet in the world and this number is projected to hit 7 billion by the end of 2027.

The upward trend in IoT adoption is here to stay

IoT devices are used in all types of industry verticals and consumer markets, with the consumer sector accounting for around 60% of all IoT-connected devices in 2020. This number is predicted to stay at this level over the next ten years. The number of IoT devices worldwide is projected to almost triple from 8.74 billion in 2020 to more than 25.4 billion IoT devices in 2030. In 2020, the highest number of IoT devices is found in China with 3.17 billion devices.

In this article, I have piled up a list of 4 such industries that are leveraging the most from Mobile Applications and IoT.

Industries that benefit the most from the use of Mobile Applications and IoT

  1. Automobile Industry:
    The automobile was one of the initial industries that started to undermine the application of various technologies such as IoT and mobile applications. The automobile industry has gone through many transformations to reach a position where the demand for IT experts is now unprecedented.

    Features like Android Play and Apple Car Play are the real-world application of technologies in the car manufacturing process. Another exciting feature that is loaded in almost every other car today is smart navigation/GPS that resolves major navigation problems for drivers and a great application of IoT. On the other hand, connecting a car’s infotainment system with mobile helps in controlling all the aspects related to information and entertainment using a mobile device.

    The induction of IoT in the automobile industry has reduced the threats of car crashes and related safety concerns. What added more to this trend is Tesla’s electric cars that are undoubtedly the most feature-packed and safe cars in the world that have a plethora of technology dependencies such as road assist, using electricity as fuel, and many others.
  2. Healthcare Industry:
    It would not be wrong to claim that the healthcare industry has remained at the forefront when it comes to technology intake. According to a study, healthcare is one of such industries where the demand for IT professionals is 95% more compared to the demand in the IT industry.

    The industry is leveraging technologies like Mobile Applications and IoT for diagnosis of various diseases and treatment. Devices like smartwatches and other wearable technologies are helping healthcare workers to stay updated with the cases of their patients, set appointments on the go, and track medical history. Additionally, several smart hardware devices leverage health officials to keep a track of their staffs’ performance, attendance, and check the effectiveness of medical equipment.

    At the consumers’ end, there are mobile apps that help them to set their diet plans, keep in touch with concerned doctors, and to set appointments with them.
  3. Retail Industry:
    After the onslaught of Covid-19, IoT and mobile applications have done a remarkable job and have changed the industry’s fate in a relatively small time frame. Because of leveraging on technology, retail businesses are now altering their core processes, adjusting rapidly to the changing world as a result.

    Since customer-preferences and dislikes are changing at a rapid pace, they now like to shop via online channels rather than going to shopping malls and markets. For instance, retail businesses are now using Bluetooth beacons to reach out to their targeted customers in a specific location. These Bluetooth beacons help customers to see a range of suggested products in a specific location. Once linked with these Bluetooth beacons, they can get updates regarding a specific or a range of different products that they can be interested in.
  4. Home and Commercial Real Estate:
    The concept of smart homes and commercial buildings is gaining a great deal of attention and it seems like it is time for this industry to make it big in the coming years.

    Some great examples of IoT in this industry are the home automation system, smart door and window locks, smart heating and cooling systems, security cameras, and lightings.

    Apple and Android are the two giants that are spending enormously in making lives easier for consumers by making devices that extend connectivity with thirdparty devices like mobile devices, laptops, and personal computers.

What’s Ahead in Mobile Apps and IoT in 2021?

Mobile applications, as we know are the most commonly used phenomenon of today’s age and many great innovations are bound to happen in the coming years around them. For example, large-scale development of AI-assisted mobile applications and mobile applications with AR features is on the horizon and the first iterations of these applications can be seen in some travel, food, and shopping applications.

Similarly, IoT, one of the most versatile technologies, has seen massive adoption in the last five years. It is remarkable to see through the trends that the adoption is an industry- and scale-agnostic. This is just the start of something that has the potential of becoming extremely successful in the coming decade. As can be seen from Statista reports, IoT adoption currently is exciting to watch and we can already see the direction the next generation of mobile and IoT technologies are taking.

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Let us get talking and see where that leads us!

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