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What can we do to assist you in winning with modernization?

Software development firm experts can guide your project from the initial idea to the final delivery. We only employ US-based top software engineers SoftCircles, LLC is proud to be recognized as being among the top software development firms across the U.S. We collaborate with companies to develop practical software solutions for our customers to assist them in overcoming complicated enterprise challenges and open the way to grow. We can provide beautiful solutions to the most challenging problems that confront companies today. Our sfor the tasks of our clients to ensure that the final products are constructed, elegantly designed and secured, and designed to the complexities of.

Our Software Development Services Team

The software development company in Dallas provides a range of customized software development services to meet the requirements of our customers. Our services team has helped small and large enterprises improve efficiency and achieve the success they seek in various aspects of their operations. Here are a few steps of our most popular service:



Every company has its distinctive method of tackling opportunities and issues. We enjoy sitting down with our clients and learning their thinking procedure, sketching it out, and then trying to duplicate it within our customized software solutions.


When the stakes are incredibly high, we try to avoid being caught off guard. If we know what we would like to achieve, we draw it out on paper and then present the idea to you. This will help you visualize the solution before creating a single line of code. It is the ideal time to suggest modifications to us. This aid in visualizing also assists our team members in understanding what code to write when the project enters the developing phase.


Customized projects aren't cheap; however, we will minimize the costs for you by providing the best mixture of technology, resources, features, engagement models, features, and workarounds. It is possible to discern the difference between the two before and after optimizing.


We now know what you'd like and what we must do to help you get there. We begin to tie the business requirements in SDLC best practices left, right, and middle. The speed boost that team members received during the stage Design stage is evident in this article and is incredible to see.

Test and Improve

QA teams support developers to fix bugs and guide them on improving both the back-end and front-end for both web and mobile applications. It also applies to web-based applications like portals. We have identified anywhere from 1200 to 2500 pre-defined testing points.


The DevOps team works with your Project Manager and your Director of Product to determine deployment options that offer a great combination of high-performance robustness, security, and the ability to scale.

Software Design and Development Process

Awards and Recognitions

Our success is fueled by our enthusiasm for technology. We are consistently
recognized as a top development firm across a variety of
world-class technology stacks and industries.

Our success is fueled by our enthusiasm for technology. We are consistently recognized as a top development firm across a variety of world-class technology stacks and industries.

FAQs of Software Development Company in Texas

There is no doubt that no two projects from customers are identical, and SoftCircles takes each project as unique. But, our team has worked on enough projects to discover similarities, which will help estimate your project's cost. This allows us to give you an always competitive estimate and a good value. Contact us for more information. You can download our informational brochure about software costs here.

This answer depends on the specifics of your project. The first step following contact with us is to arrange an informal, face-to-face appointment. The meeting will allow us to understand the technical requirements of the project better. Once we know the software requirements, we can provide you with preliminary cost information and a timeline. The timeframe is never a fixed date as unforeseen circumstances may alter the timetable for delivery. Then, we will provide an execution strategy for your project and the steps we suggest taking before beginning work on your software. It could include workshops, specifications documents, and more thorough discussions that enable us to give an accurate and complete cost analysis.

We utilize our Roadmaps workshop to ensure that projects don't fall behind in their schedules. The workshop comes with documentation to ensure that we know all the software task deliverables and, consequently, we can provide that what we deliver and when. The project is divided into manageable, small tasks that allow us to display significant progress in software development in achieving your business goals. The result of smaller-sized studies is the hallmark of agile processes. They are easier to finish and can reduce delays and cost overruns.

We'll divide projects into two sprints that are agile every week. They will deliver software development results after every sprint. This allows you to observe progress as the software develops. Additionally, it will enable you to give your feedback during the entire process instead of looking over everything at the end. If the changes you make aren't your preference, it's much quicker and more convenient for us to make modifications during the construction process than after Phase One is complete.

The same team has been working on your project from the beginning until the end. This avoids any unnecessary delays caused by changing team members during your work. We also have highly skilled backup personnel. We will provide frequent contact with our clients. It includes a weekly report on progress to keep you updated. The progress report, created at the beginning of week one, features an overview of progress towards schedule deliverables. We will also offer weekly phone calls with the project managers and developers to allow you to ask questions regarding our progress and give feedback as the software development progresses.

We offer a complete contract for service levels (SLA) that guarantees the quality of service as soon as your solution starts to live. This includes team retention of knowledge, background system maintenance, and general support for software users.

Our support agreements contain the following specifics:

Our Help Desk Support provides friendly and helpful staff by email, phone, or support tickets. The tickets will be assigned to the central staff member who will take care of the issue.

We'll assist you in any way of using the functionality of the solution. The SLA resolutions and support are determined in terms of estimated time intervals. We will investigate any potential problems or concerns. We are knowledgeable of our systems, both individually and within our team. This means that we can respond to questions quickly and be able to comprehend the questions without having to know detailed information.

It also depends on the specifications you have set in your plan. If you do not need support, we will not fee for this. However, there may be fees for ongoing hosting services, service level agreements, and renewals of domain names.

Our developers have advanced certifications and years of experience in software development across various frameworks and languages. This allows them to research the available options when selecting the most suitable technology platform for your software development project.

We are incredibly proud of our dedicated group of International Software Testing Quality Board (ISTQB) testers. They are dedicated to ensuring that your software development project is a complete success. We provide comprehensive software testing services based on your software project's requirements. Specific software development projects require only minimal testing while others require lots of. Our testing approach is customized to ensure the highest quality methods and tools are utilized to test your project.

A dedicated internal support desk is accessible from 9 am to 5.30 pm from Monday to Friday. Contact them by email, telephone, or via our help desk web portal, which you can access. The help desk team works closely with our development and quality assurance teams, ensuring that you can reach the correct personnel whenever you need to, guaranteeing prompt and high-quality response times.

You are the owner of your intellectual property. At SoftCircles, we believe it's your software; therefore, you are the owner of the intellectual property! We assure you that every aspect of the development and implementation will be made available after completion. The complete ownership, code, copyrights, and software will remain the sole property of your business.

The number of people employed for a particular project is contingent on the size and complexity, and complexity. For example, we can assign two developers, a tester and an occasional UI designer, to a small project. Furthermore, each project will have a Tech Architectural Designer (Architect), Business Analyst, and Project Manager. We can increase the amount of staff depending on the requirements of the client or project.

We are bound by confidentiality agreements and cannot divulge this information. Many full-time developers make up a portion of our team, working on various in-house and client-related projects. The available resources can be different and distinctive.

This clause is found in the IP contract, and NDA will also be signed by SoftCircles and the customer with the same clause. This clause is included in the contract by the employer and its employees. Additionally, we review our procedures and train our employees regularly. Our efforts ensure that customers' intellectual property is protected.

We are your development stack.

You run your business. We will take care of your development needs. Access to our whole team of experts is available whenever you require us.

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